Saturday, September 26, 2015



This class will be offered beginning next week - as a special
for Cloth Doll Artistry Members, both for ONE WEEK will
be half price, just contact me at
I will send a money request from paypal.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Monday, June 8, 2015


Victorian Lamp Project

Can't wait to start embellishing around this.............stay tuned

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Due to my kidney issues, I have to put my legs up more now I decided while doing so to experiement with making armatures and hand sewing the bodies of the dolls............I am using the old cabbage patch double knit fabric (that I have too much of still) and it is actually turning out very well.
I have made 9 bodies so far, different sizes and they are in the basket .

Here are the hands almost done, next the heads.

Monday, April 20, 2015


I have not seen the movie yet but intend to. Our Downtown Abbey, Miss Rose makes a beautiful Cinderella..........bravo!


If I did not become a doll artist I wanted to be an interior designer.......I love to decorate. I also love bargains, I have expensive taste with a beer pocket book if you will............but I will conquer for sure.
My latest endeavor and purchase was this lamp at a thrift those shops. My best bud Rose Portman and I go to them whenver I go to visit her..........I love, love, love this lamp.

I am doing some research to find some information on the style
and period......but for now I am trying to decide which lamp
shade I like best, I have two........I do believe I will be using
the rounded shape one..........#2 will be adding to the shade of course.


As you probably figured out by now we are in "HOUSE MODE" redoing and or fixing, I love it.
Next is putting it all back in which I am still working on..........this is the old white dresser I was telling you all about. I am adding fabric to the top of it, currently working on this. Later on may paint pictures on the dresser, not sure just yet ..............stay tuned for more in a week or so.l


As you seen in the previous photos I had those awful gray metal shelving units, I have had them for about 20 years and so sick of them...........hate them.
So I was on the look out for that fabulous cabinet I showed you all in the beginning...........well luck have it, on line there is a site called "Dunnellon Buy, Trade, Sell" which is where I live in Florida.
So I started surfing the site and guess what I not only found one but two............... FIRST PHOTO,
I bought online and we picked it up about 15 miles from here. I bought this gorgeous piece for only $30.00, I near fainted away, can you stand it................lucky this time.

The SECOND one you see the shorter one I bought, same place, m
aybe 10 miles from us......that one was more $70.00.......not bad.

I was not putting those gray shelves back I only want furniture looking
pieces in there..........the next piece I robbed from our den, as we did
another project there. ( I will show that later on)
This is our old Television Unit, so its perfect for my studio. The only other
furniture piece is an old white dresser .........


Next we had to rip of the run in the studio, when we had the house built, everything was what they
call "BUILDER BEIGE CARPET" ~ we figured eventually we would replace it all.......yah right?
Its now 11 years later and we still have that awful carpet....anyway the studios carpet is going.

Can you even imagine taking all of the out of this room, OMG
never she says.......

Rug is gone and ready to lay the floor down. We took the doors of
the closet and all the computer stuff is in that space, works very well.

I have always wanted a black and white check floor, this is just
peel and stick tile but it sure does work for me........I am loving this.


It all began when a friend of mine sent me this photo, and my desire to rip up the rug in my studio................what a mess, but so worth it. This gorgeous cabinet for the storage of supplies just bowled me right over, who would not love this right ?

The first thing we had to do was a nightmare, emptying the dreaded studio.d
Oh my goodness if you  want to find out just how much stuff you have
empty your studio.......I found things I didn't even know I had.

Saturday, April 18, 2015


My Ride

Thi is my ride we bought a few years ago.........and its red, he named this one "Lollypop" so we both have red vehicles, do you think we like RED..............haha

Gold Wing my husbands Bike

My husbands new ride he called "CANDY" he was able to get this last year. I was surprised when he bought this in red as I am the one who loves red.............we came home to the garage deck out by
our daughter is what she did.